In early January 2016 I started a Free Jumping Castle service for my community and neighbouring areas. Now l must admit that the idea originally came about as a good way of meeting people and leaving a positive impression which could not harm my chances as an Independent candidate for the 2016 Federal Election.

In the 5 odd months between January 31st and July 2nd 2016 l met a lot of people and received tremendous feedback from mums, dads, clubs and organisations who were greatly appreciative of the Free service l was providing. While the election 2016 is over, I chose to keep the Free Jumping Castle service going because this Free Community service is not about me or any election, it's about doing what you can to help others.

Providing such a service is extremely rewarding (in a non financial way)

By running the Free Jumping Castle service, l am hopefully earning a share of Good Karma and for that l am grateful.