There are many ways you can improve your level of Good Karma, actually some are so simple that it ought to be impossible to "Not" boost your good karma each and every day.

Smile - A smile is simple, easy and it is FREE. Smiling can make those around you feel good about themselves, it can also improve the atmosphere at the workplace, school or home. When you smile you are playing a valuable role in creating a more positive environment.

Help in little ways - No one is suggesting you ought to chop a tonne of firewood for a neighbour, but there are many "Little" things we can do to help someone else, for example, holding the door open for someone behind you or picking up something that may have been dropped, I.E. a pen, ATM card or car keys and handing them to the person who dropped them.

Do what you know is right - If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are wondering what you should do, always remind yourself that regardless of whether anyone is watching or not, it is important to do what you know is right. For example, if you come across a lost purse, wallet or mobile phone, rather than considering what the value of the find may be worth to you... Just think of what would be the right thing to do, that should mean you do what you can to find the rightful owner and hand it back to them.

Donate to charity tins - You know the tins at the cashier for charitable causes such as the children's hospital, Salvo's, Guide Dogs and son on. Think of the good that the donated money does. If we all donated some spare change to charity tins for regularly, the world would be a better place... But may l also say, be wary of who you donate to as there are some "Charitable Organisations" who seemingly have questionable motives and/or a method that only results in the organizers being financially very well looked after.

Interact and talk to different generations - Many of us fall into the trap of hanging out with people/friends who often tend to be around the same age range. Make an effort to meet, befriend or even just chat with older and younger people than ourselves. Older people often have plenty of wisdom and life experience to share, while younger people can be quite cute and funny. Interacting and talking to people from different generations can prove to be educational, inspiring and very enjoyable for all parties. By making the effort to talk to other people you will quite likely make them feel good too.

Recycle - These days there is a lot of emphasis on recycling due to the environment, but rather than just recycle "Because you are forced to" why not turn recycling into a an enjoyable experience. Perhaps collect aluminum cans, copper pipes, brass fittings and other recyclables which you can take to a scrap medal yard a couple of times each year. Not only will you help the environment, but you will love the buzz of being paid a few dollars for your effort. For bonus good karma you might choose to donate the recycling earnings to a charity or use it for a family dinner.

Listen - When people talk, we should listen. People might want to talk about their day, feelings, experiences and/or problems, try to be that "Good Listener" that we all enjoy when we are speaking and do your best to only offer advice if/when it is actually wanted or warranted.

A simple greeting - Quite simply, say "Hello" to people as you cross paths, be it a complete stranger on the shopping strip or a school or work colleague that you might have little to do with. Think of what that greeting could me for someone, especially if its directed to someone who is lonely, shy, sad... Saying "Hello" can be a powerful little thing which we can all do much more frequently. By saying "Hello" to more people, not only will you get karma points, but you will earn a better reputation.

Give compliments - It's like smiling with your voice. It makes people feel better and more confident. But don't just compliment, try to be thoughtful in finding something you truly appreciate or adore, and mean what you say.

Relax and reflect - Stress and tension can lead to illness (proven fact) Whatever works for you is fine, just be sure to take time to relax regularly. We should also take time to reflect on things and acknowledge what makes our life wonderful.

Love - Love life, love friends, love family, love yourself.... They do say "Love makes the world go round" so play your role and "Love"

Wisdom - Search for Wisdom. Through wisdom one makes better decisions. Great decisions lead to great outcomes and thus an awesome life.

Are you ok? - Three simple words which we all should use more often. It may be a family member, a friend or even a complete stranger, never be afraid to ask the question "Are you ok?"